Understanding and spreading the cultural value of the company is the responsibility and duties of all employees, from the highest level of leadership to all positions.


Each employee always ensures to build trust from customers, partners and colleagues to build a prestigious brand of the company.


Since its inception this is one of the top criteria that the company we always strive to accomplish well and that makes a difference in the works of Newtecons on the market.


The spirit of optimism, positive thinking, accepting challenges and changing for sustainable development is always encouraged at every member of the organization.


It is the value that every individual in the company always commemorates and performs in his daily work, thereby working with his team to overcome the pressure and challenges to achieve the company’s goals and development strategies.

Welfare policies

We are constantly building, improving and supplementing better welfare regimes and remuneration policies, with the desire that employees consider Newtecons as a second family, dedicated and united to develop together to achieve certain goals.

Comprehensive health care insurance

Comprehensive health care insurance

Annual health check, comprehensive health care insurance.

Employee’s life-care policy

Employee’s life-care policy

Birthday presents, Lunar New Year presents, Mid-Autumn presents, filial piety, maternity leave, visits,…

Comprehensive training

Comprehensive training

Newtecons also organizes comprehensive training through internal training or sending employees to study and research at domestic and foreign schools.

Sports activities , Team building

Sports activities , Team building


Human is the key to sustainable development

We believe that an investment in training is an investment in the company’s future success. Therefore, at NEWTECONS each employee will have a clear career path shaped from the training programs that suit their goals properly. Certainly, the capacity of employees will be improved day by day by learning from excellent colleagues and being trained by the company’s experts by methodical courses.



Newteconsers spread human value

Inspired by the traditional sense of solidarity, the Newshare Fund was established to support Newtecons employees in difficult circumstances. Apart from supporting programs for employees, in the future, Newshare Fund will expand its reach to more voluntary social activities and help vulnerable people in society.