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+ How I want to apply for NEWTECONS Company?
– You can apply for one of the following ways:
Method 1: Through the recruitment website of NEWTECONS Company
Link: https://newtecons.vn/tin-tuyen-dung/
Step 1: Fill in the information according to the image below

Step 2: Attach related records.
Step 3: Press the “Submit” button and you have completed the application.
+ A set of applications includes what?

– Application dossier includes:

  • Your CV
  • Application form (download at website: https://www.newtecons.vn/tuyen-dung.html)
  • Curriculum vitae clearly stating the learning process, working with 3 × 4 cm photos.
  • Copy of certificate certificate.
+ How many interview rounds to become a member of NEWTECONS?

– Depending on the location and the level of job satisfaction, there will be different interview rounds. Usually there will be 3 rounds of interviews with you:

  • Round 1: Input test + Interview with Recruitment Specialist.
  • Round 2: Interview with Human Resources Department and Head of relevant Department.
  • Round 3: Interview with the Board of Directors of the Company.
+ After each interview, how long can it take to receive results from NEWTECONS Company?
After each interview, we will announce the results to you within 07 working days, from the date of interviewing you.

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