Letter from
Chairman of The Board

Dear our beloved Newteconsers!

After 18 years of establishment and development, Newtecons has become a top construction brand in Vietnam, with more than 100 projects throughout the length of the country, contributing to the development of the economy, providing jobs to thousands of employees. Achieving that success must include the determination, effort, sweat, worries, breakthroughs limits, and sacrifices of all of Newteconsers.

18 years of companionship, going through many ups and downs together, we must have considered Newtcons as a second family and our colleagues as our own brothers and sisters, mutual affection, standing side by side to overcome arduous, challenging. We tell each other happiness and sorrows in life, we share the successes, the joys when obtaining a new achievement at work.

Every life is a story, and each of us has a unique situation. Currently, among our employees, there are many difficult cases. Beside the concern of the Board of Directors, the care of the Company’s Union for employees’ lives, Newshare Charity Fund was established to support employees and their relatives, special cases needing help in the community. Thereby encouraging and mobilizing employees to participate in volunteer activities; Increase connection, empathy and solidarity within the Company. The Fund is operated with the following criteria: Publicity – Transparency – Voluntary – Non-profit.

Believe that, with your contribution and unanimity, Newshare Fund will grow stronger and more cases will be helped, Newteconser’s life will be improved, noone will be left behind.

Chairman of The Board


Newshare Fund’s

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Ban Chap hanh Cong doan Cong ty
Co phan Dau tu Xay dung Newtecons


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Ta sống bằng thứ ta thu được,
nhưng ta tạo ra cuộc đời bằng thứ ta cho đi.

We make a living by what we get,
but we make a life by what we give.