96 Phan Dang Luu, Ward 5, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC

The phenomenal growth of Newtecons in recent years has necessitated the expansion of human resources as well as the requirement for larger office space. After determining that the Company’s most valuable asset is its people, the Board of Directors advocated for the construction of a large-scale and superficial headquarters in order to expand commercial activities and create a nice and comfortable environment that encourages creative thinking.

Newtecons Tower is a multi-function, multi-utility project with a modern and aesthetically pleasing design that serves the people who have always been attached, dedicated, and devoted to the Newtecons brand. The project is finished with 5 * office standards, fully functional, and multi-utilities: gym, restaurant, cafe, open workspace, green landscape, and numerous relaxation areas. Newtecons Tower is a true “second home” for all employees, allowing them to work with peace of mind and satisfaction.


Every detail is taken care of
at Newtecons Tower

Site Management team aimed to build a house for the Newtecons themselves with their enthusiasm.

Building Newtecons Tower also entails laying a firm foundation for Newtecons people, a confluence of strong wills and ambitions. Beginning here, a new stage of development will be marked when everyone is united and determined to build a new future for Newtecons while also contributing to the development of customers and the country. “Newtecons Tower delivers new inspirations and links Newtecons people,” the Newtecons Board of Directors stated. To raise Newtecons’ level, we need to put in more effort, innovated management thinking, and change working mindsets. Since then, each employee has led a happy life and produced masterpiece that will last a lifetime.”

The most innovative building techniques are used in the construction of Newtecons Tower: The topdown construction method is applied to construct the foundation. The Y-pillar, which is made of Q345 high-strength steel and has a box-shaped cross section, serves as an architectural centerpiece for the structure. To ensure quality and structure, a large span transverse beam with rigid reinforcement was built with self-compacting concrete. To ensure traffic flow, the ramp is flexible. Zigzag façade with wind load of 1.8 kPa, water pressure up to 700 Pa, and double low-e glass, giving a great solution for safety, sound insulation, heat insulation, and waterproofing. The structure, in particular, complies with the Leeds silver standard, which is an international standard for green architecture.



The Newtecons Tower is inaugurated, providing a source of energy for the new period's enthusiasm and innovation. This is not simply a place of business, but also a "heart" that connects Newtecons people all over the country, from headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City to various building sites, Newtecons people have their common home where is always welcome them, where they are unified in their pursuit of a similar development goal.

The project’s opening ceremony was held on December 11, 2021, to the delight of all employees.

Where a new journey begins, where trust is nurtured and basic principles are upheld, lead to a bright and proud future for Newtecons people.

Newtecons Tower is the common home, where collaborative strength is affirmed. A place to cultivate brand loyalty and pride. A place to build new strength to help Newtecons ship explore new oceans, continue to generate amazing initiatives, and contribute to the country’s and consumers’ progress. Newtecons is in list of top 10 prestigious firms of the real estate, construction and building materials sector in 2021 in Vietnam, as well as the Asia Best Companies To Work (Voted by HR Asia Award). Newtecons Tower is a significant milestone for Newtecons, as it marks the start of a new chapter of development for the company.

Congratulate and welcome NEWTECONS TOWER.