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A new phase begins, and every link in the “chain” that functions well has to expand its function and get better every day in order to benefit the “machine” known as Newtecons. Specifically, the HUMAN DEVELOPMENT duty was established by the Training Section, which was the first job that Newtecons emphasized.

Training section is officially renamed

The Training Department has continuously developed and implemented numerous significant training programs between 2017 and 2023. Sharing knowledge and skills is important, but so is making sure that each job category’s workforce is strengthened and promoted according to their capabilities, raising the caliber of the workforce and advancing Newtecons as a whole.

In the spirit of Newtecons’ future leadership and orientation, including revenue growth and personnel expansion, the Training Section under Human Resources – Communications Department has officially changed its name to L&D (Learning & Development) Section. The name has hinted at the department’s role, function, and goal in meeting the scale of development in the new period.

The Training Section changed its name to the Learning and Development Section (L&D Section)

Aside from training, the L&D Section must address the issue of increasing the spirit of self-study, creating an environment in which Newtecons employees can confidently exchange knowledge and learn from one another, and changing the one-way learning patterns that have previously established habits. Learners’ roles and initiatives will be prioritized such as actively learning, actively responding, and actively recognizing their own strengths and shortcomings so that they will identify what they need and desire to learn.

The desire to learn regardless of position, experience level, or age. In order to improve connectedness and pass on information, expertise, and experience to the succession team, participation requirements rise with title and seniority. Senior positions, on the other hand, will also have the opportunity to watch and learn from juniors.

Every employee needs to have a positive attitude and a “open” mindset so they can continue to grow. Employees have the potential to lead their peers as lecturers or instructors in the future.

It is arguable that it is difficult to modify one-way learning. Yet, the staff at Newtecons feels that they will have more opportunities to learn and grow because of the exciting and varied programs and events that L&D has planned, as well as the appropriate attitude behind this name change.

Review training programs organized by the L&D Section

Following a time of contemplation and evaluation of the positive and negative aspects of previous training activities, the L&D Section kept effective programs while pursuing new, important, and appealing activities.

  • “The Newteconser’s Portrait” program

“The Newteconser’s Portrait” is a multi-episode talk show series that was created in response to the need to improve the quality of the apparatus and the quality of operation when participating in big projects in the new phase. Especially because Newtecons and other Ecosystem members won the 5.10 package “Construction and installation of passenger terminal” of the 3 components project – Essential works at Long Thanh International Airport Phase 1.

The employees of Newtecons attracted a lot of attention when their first talk show, “The Role of Managers in the New Stage,” debuted. In order to address inquiries, the Manager can speak directly and explore three main subjects throughout the discussion show: Who is Newtecons’ people? Where are Newtecons on the market? What will we do next?

Talkshow 01, “The Role of Managers in the New Stage”.

The appearance and sharing of key guests such as Founding Chairman Nguyen Ba Duong and the leadership of Newtecons and Ecosystem management have aided the program in capturing impressions and providing actual value to employees.

Founding Chairman Nguyen Ba Duong shared at the event.

Apart from the three primary subjects, other topics covered in the discussion show also aid in enhancing managers’ abilities, imparting fresh insights, and assisting them in adjusting to changing circumstances and surmounting novel obstacles at work. With so many positive remarks from the supervisors, the SPIRIT of COMMITMENT and CHANGE is highlighted once more.

The managers in active discussion.

Gaining significant projects can be considered as a means of creating possibilities for Newtecon’s overall growth as well as for individual employees’ personal development, particularly for managers. It will be simpler for managers to create progress, accomplish goals at work, and effectively lead their teams as their level of ability and perfection increases. The L&D Section acknowledges this and promises to be innovative by launching further useful talk show that are exclusive to managers.

  • MEP Training Program “Mechanical Experience Lessons”

The MEP division has recently won bids for significant projects like Long Thanh Airport, Grand Marina, Saigon, and The Royal Danang, all of which are included in the latest round of Newtecon prospects. Each of these ownership projects is large-scale, and the ways in which they are implemented vary greatly.

Since the MEP section has found that “learn from experience” is one of its unique and effective methods, the L&D Section has worked with the appropriate departments to arrange the “Mechanical Experience Lessons” training program for MEP managers.

The involvement of numerous Ecosystem units, like as Newtecon, SOL E&C, and Ricons, is the program’s high point. The managers’ experience is somewhat enriched and diversified as a result of their engagement.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Phuoc – Newtecons M&E Project Director presented construction experience.

Each course in the program will highlight lessons learned from mechanical and electrical work at three distinct stages: bidding and design, construction, and warranty and maintenance. Following each presentation, managers gathered to assess, communicate, and draw lessons learned in order to prepare for the deployment phase at each building site.

Company representatives received flowers from the organizing unit.
Management staff of units participating in the program.
  • Deputy Construction Site Manager Program

The succession management training series that Newtecons has been emphasizing for the past few years includes this crucial curriculum. In addition to supporting and assisting with management in the Site Management Team, the Deputy Construction Site Manager is the manager’s competent officer of record. As projects grow and the nature of work changes, it is imperative that the Deputy Construction Site Manager get training and development.

Mr. Le The Anh - Director of Internal Affairs is one of the lecturers of the course.
Ông Lê Thế Anh – Giám đốc Khối Nội chính là một trong những giảng viên của khóa học.

With 42 prospective employees scheduled for the 2023 Deputy Construction Site Manager course, the L&D division continues the training regimen. The manager, who has many years of expertise and has executed and managed significant projects, is also the one leading the basic training program. These 42 individuals will soon form the key team supporting Newtecons’ core construction projects.

With 42 prospective employees scheduled for the 2023 Deputy Construction Site Manager course, the L&D division continues the training regimen. The manager, who has many years of expertise and has executed and managed significant projects, is also the one leading the basic training program. These 42 individuals will soon form the key team supporting Newtecons’ core construction projects.
  • Training activities at the construction site

In parallel with manager training, the L&D Section also promoted the learning movement in departments and construction sites. Training contents are gathered from many sources such as Technical Department, Human Resources – Communication Department, HSSE Department, Equipment Department, etc.

Safety training at the Van Lang University phase 4.
Introducing the safety system and emergency response at the Masteri Waterfront project.

As resources for its training operations, the L&D division also examines and archives the measurement documentation system, practical construction procedures at project, and expertise in implementing past projects. Furthermore, manager training serves as the foundation for making department/site training easier and more efficient.

Learning the Management and Import – Export Procedures of Facilities at the Grand Bay Ha Long project.
Gondola Safe Operation training at Waterpoint Project.

Employees at the construction site have always embraced the training program with enthusiasm. Additionally, the L&D Section plans competitive events on a regular basis to increase employee motivation and enjoyment during training.

In the face of recent positive news, Newtecons shown the fruits of their constant, meticulous preparation to seize the chance in addition to reaffirming their ranking as Vietnam’s leading construction contractor. It all serves as a testament to the significance of Newtecons’ human-centered development strategy. It is anticipated that the L&D Section will soon expand on its innovative role in getting teams ready for Newtecons, ready to take on obstacles, and ready to succeed.


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