06, 06, 2022


Newtecons has consistently won bids and begun many projects in the first five months of the year, including Flora Panorama; Sora Garden SC; Hoa Phat Dung Quat 2; Service, Trade and Housing Center Project, Hamlet 4, Ward 1, Sa Dec City, and others, all of which are contributing to the company’s goal of revenue and profit growth beginning in 2022. Newtecons believes that the most essential goal is to consolidate the complete machine and raise the staff’s knowledge, bringing projects to a successful conclusion with the assurance of a powerful and elite team. As a result, Newtecons is constantly investing in training and upgrading the quality of its human resources.

Internal training activities at construction sites are remarkable in Newtecons’ training operations from the beginning of the year till now. The Site Management Team has arranged these activities. Weekly training sessions are held, with tasks, substance, and themes separated according to the construction progress. The Site Management Team gathered the training content from a variety of sources, including the Technical Department, Human Resources & Training Department, HSSE Department, Equipment Department, and others, as well as on-the-job construction methods and techniques, and the previous project implementation experience.

The Site Management Team of the Phuoc Tho project was recently granted the “Excellent Site in Training” by the Newtecons Human Resources & Training Department, as one of the typical construction sites in training activities.

“With the growing expansion of Newtecons, in order to meet the workload, the Company in general, and the Phuoc Tho project in particular, the number of new recruits and young staff are quite large,” Mr. Pham Huu Nghia, Construction Site Manager, said of the project’s training program. “As a result, I believe that training is no longer solely the responsibility of the company, but also the responsibility of Site Management Team, who must work together to develop the Newtecons’ people in order to train the next generation and ensure the integrity of the workforce.” He also expressed his sincere thanks to the Board of Directors and Human Resources & Training Department for their constant attention to the Site Management Team. This honor motivates Site Management Team of Phuoc Tho project to work harder and promote the training spirit to all Site Management Teams from other construction sites.

The Site Management Team of the Hoa Phat Dung Quat project, which has been prominent with training work in the Central area in recent years, is also highly regarded by Newtecons Human Resources & Training Department. “The internal training program in Hoa Phat is held at 7pm every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday,” said Mr. Vo Dinh Thuan, Vice Construction Site Manager as one of the people directly involved in the training. “We had 4 topics are Presenting the operation plan from the management level; Detailed work analysis from specialized teams; Process training (ordering, field management, bills, and records, etc.); Professional training (supervising steel, formwork, concrete, underground construction, etc.) The training program enabled the new supervisors gain information before starting work at the construction sites, and the Site Management Team machinery runs more smoothly and efficiently as a result of the agreed-upon plans.”

In addition, the Technical Department, the Communications Department, the Legal & Policy Department and other functional departments also regularly train at each construction site to help the members of the Site Management Team understand the necessary knowledge for their work.

  • In construction, technique is the key to transforming a design on paper into a finished product, and it is related with the project from start to finish. As a result, the Technical Department organized direct training sessions at each project to guide the Site Management Team measures for each specific stage prior to construction; at the same time, the Technical Department clearly identified common errors and offered appropriate plans, assisting in the reduction of potential risks.

  • To improve individuals’ roles in internal communication and communication activities, the Communications Department visited each site to help them understand the vision, mission, core values, culture, as well as the importance of communication and communication tools commonly used. Following the training, the Site Management Team confidently applied their knowledge to work and communication; created its own communication program for the Site; and served as a bridge to help new members understand, love, and stay with Newtecons.

  • Many events will occur during project implementation that will impact project progress, causing the Site Management Team to extend the construction schedule. This extension will assist the project Site Management Team in preventing and mitigating risks such as penalties for contract progress delays, compensation for damages resulting from these delays, and so on. With the aim of helping Site Management Team strengthen to gain legal knowledge on project progress extension, guide the procedure for filing a progress complaint, and share practical views and experiences on this issue.

In addition to professional training sessions, Newtecons Human Resources & Training Department also organizes many other skills and integration training classes such as:

  • Leadership Skills training

Chương trình đào tạo mở ra bức tranh toàn diện về một nhà quản lý bền vững, nêu rõ vai trò và nhiệm vụ của người quản lý cũng những năng lực phải có để trở thành một quản lý thực thụ. Thông qua chương trình, CBQL Newtecons hiểu rõ và vận dụng được những kỹ năng: 

  • Understand the 5 levels of leadership and evaluate your own leadership ability.
  • How to communicate and connect with colleagues and subordinates.
  • How to influence and inspire others.
  • Use excellent assign and delegating strategies to encourage employees to be proactive in their work.

  • Professional communication skills training

This is a training for all Newtecons Office employees, led by Trainers Le Ha Mai Thao and Lam Nguyen Tuan Phuong, they have over 20 years of experience in business management and human resource management in large businesses in Vietnam.

Following the training session, employees apply what they’ve learned to achieve the course’s objectives in a step-by-step manner:

  • Understanding and apply communication strategies, thereby increasing workplace confidence and contributing to increased worker efficiency;
  • Ensuring that indirect communication is always standard, mastering indirect communication techniques, rules of composing letters, responding to messages, telephones, and strategies to combat common text presentation problems.
  • Becoming an active and professional person, master the art and etiquette of direct contact.

  • Integration training

With a growing number of young employees joining the staff, the Human Resources & Training Department organizes integration training sessions on a regular basis so that the new members can better understand the Company’s culture, system operating procedures, regulations and regimes, benefits, and so on, allowing you to quickly catch up and implement better work.

Recognizing human development as a prerequisite for building a sustainable team, Newtecons is constantly innovating training methods and providing the most up-to-date information and knowledge to each employee. Newtecons will continue to maintain and organize more training courses in the future.


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