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Throughout the first quarter of 2022, Newtecons held a ceremony to defend the titles of Construction Site Manager/Head of Department, Deputy Construction Site Manager/Deputy Head of Department for many individuals with excellent operational history, who were well-trained and supervised with the records from direct management levels and specialized departments. So, employee ability is proven, their contribution is recognized, and new opportunities to further promote their advantages while also training and developing the next generation open up.


Mr. Nguyen Duy Hien – defended the title of Construction Site Manager of Asiana Danang Project

Mr. Hien is a person who is full of energy, is active in all of his thoughts and actions, and is not afraid of challenges. During the long-lasting epidemic, he had to be in charge at the Asiana Danang project, only being able to visit his wife and children through the phone screen. He devoted himself to the construction site and his team, suppressing his homesickness and temporarily suspending the responsibilities of a breadwinner. As a result, the Asiana Danang project always meets key milestones on time, with high quality and to the satisfaction of Investors/Supervision Consultants.

He has received a lot of praise from the Evaluation Board for his strengths in project implementation experience from setup to completion and maintenance, as well as a meticulous and serious personality in work and a confident and coherent presentation.

✥ Mr. Le Dinh Phuc – defended the title of Construction Site Manager of the M Garden City Danang Project

Mr. Phuc is loved by his team and colleagues for his genuine, honest personality, which he devotes entirely to his work and teammates. He has a long-term commitment, is always enthusiastic and passionate about his profession, and gives “fire” to everyone he meets. Everyone is united, engaged, and vibrant in internal activities at the construction site where he works. He was awarded the title of Excellent Deputy Construction Site Manager in 2021. Accepting the position of Construction Site Manager, he is committed to promoting his strengths and completing the assigned tasks successfully.

✥ Mr. Vo Quoc Tuan – defends the title of Construction Site Manager of the Service, Trade and Housing Center Project, Hamlet 4, Ward 1, Sa Dec City

Mr. Tuan had worked in the office for a long time and is highly familiar with the role of functional departments in the company, allowing him to effectively exploit the department’s support in order to operate smoothly and successfully. Through his working procedure, Mr. Tuan has demonstrated his adaptability and spirit of perpetual learning to the Board of Directors, and he frequently hurries to accept responsibilities wherever they are necessary. He converted challenges into opportunities and was motivated to succeed, so he now stands confidently and courageously in his new position.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Liem – defended the title of Head of Information Technology Department

Mr. Liem is a sincere and enthusiastic individual; he is highly energetic and open-minded that contrast to the “definition” that many people identify with the term “IT people.” According to Mr. Liem, the most important factors in the sector are loyalty, prestige, and always preserving the company’s interests. In the next months, he will work with the Information Technology Department to further promote the company’s robust development, deserving of its position as Vietnam’s Leading General Contractor.


✥ Mr. Nguyen Hoang Dung – defended the title of Deputy Head of Safety Department (HSSE)

Mr. Dung joined Newtecons shortly after graduating from university and has been in charge of safety work on several of Newtecons’ most demanding and complicated projects. Mr. Dung’s excitement, passion for the profession, progressive spirit, and ongoing learning and development left a lasting impression on the Evaluation Board. Mr. Dung will work with the Safety Department to refocus safety efforts to best suit each type of project in his new position after being appointed, in addition to pushing the establishment of a standardized system. Simultaneously, supporting the spread of safety culture throughout the construction workforce, assisting Newtecons in affirming its brand as a safety general contractor in the market.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Thanh – defended the title of Deputy Head of Technical Department 

Mr. Thanh was quite confident when he took the position of Technical Specialist, then the Head of Technical Team of the Technical Department, after holding several various roles at the Vinhomes Central Park construction site. Mr. Thanh’s presentation recognized and highlighted the Technical Department’s involvement in project bidding and implementation, particularly the relationship between technology and cost. Mr. Thanh will continue to strengthen coordination with departments – the construction sites from the beginning of the project to propose the most appropriate construction method; at the same time, he will focus on motivating the team members in the department by giving a clear career development path.

Mr. Vo Minh Hoang – defended the title of Deputy Construction Site Manager of Techcombank Saigon Tower project

This is a typical project in the city center, with many unique components and significant technical needs. Mr. Hoang displayed great technical competence, team leadership, internal and external interactions, and developed a reputation with the Investor and Foreign Consultant during the project.

Mr. Dang Duc Minh – defended the title of Deputy Construction Site Manager of The Giao project

Mr. Minh has worked on a variety of projects in the North, including Vinhomes Times City, D’Capitale, Berriver, Barret Brewery, Mapletree Logistics, and others, he has made an indelible impression with his meticulous, prudence, fierce working style. Mr. Minh has been entrusted with the management of the complete The Giao project due to his extensive experience in the construction of various sorts of projects in a variety of roles.

Mr. Tran Anh Dung – defended the title of Deputy Construction Site Manager of Asiana Danang project

Mr. Dung is one of the experts on the team, and he is having a great influence on his subordinates and the construction crew. He is making a significant contribution in training the succession of supervisors at a typical Da Nang project to fulfill the standards of knowledge, meticulousness, and sophistication in their job.

Mr. Vo Dinh Thuan – defended the title of Deputy Construction Site Manager of Hoa Phat Dung Quat project

Mr. Thuan is recognized by his superiors to be a highly careful, methodical, and fierce person in his work, and he has a strong reputation with the Construction Site Management Team, consultants, and investors, he is having worked on a variety of projects. His cogent and assured presentation manner also made a good impression on the Evalution Board. He resembles the image of a future Newtecons Construction Site Manager.

Mr. Hoang Xuan Nam – defended the title of Deputy Construction Site Manager of Masteri Waterfront project

Mr. Nam has extensive experience in high-rise building construction, particularly structural construction. He is a forward-thinking, positive thinker who is decisive in problem-solving and has a significant role in training and developing the next generation team.

✥ Mr. Vu Duc Nang – defended the title of Deputy Construction Site Manager of Masteri Waterfront project

With experience in QA/QC in many projects, Mr. Nang is a meticulous worker with excellent office abilities. One of his strength is his ability to work with foreign investors.

Mr. Nguyen Huy Tung – defended the title of Deputy Construction Site Manager of Masteri Waterfront project

Mr. Tung has strengths in construction sites with many years of experience in both structural and finishing areas. With his fierce personality and good presentation ability, he is expected to further promote his role in this project.

The Evaluation Board and the audience provided candid, objective, and reasonable feedback, which helped them see the areas that needed to be addressed and fully promoted in new positions, while also seeking to advance to higher positions, with the goal of becoming one of the core leaders in the future.

Wishing you continued passion, excitement, and creativity in your new position, as well as the opportunity to further develop your abilities. Wishing all who are passionate about the vocation the best of luck in their future endeavors.


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