In the construction industry only, Newtecons is the fastest growing private enterprise in Vietnam. The rankings have been recently published by Vietnam Report Joint Stock Company (Vietnam Report) in collaboration with VietNamNet. Newtecons is now ranked 41st in the Top 500 enterprises, according to industry rankings.

Newtecons is honoured to be in the top 5 fastest growing construction companies in 2020

FAST500 rankings are based on the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) in terms of revenue and business performance. Other criteria such as total assets, total labour, profit after tax and corporate media reputation are also used as supporting factors to determine the size and position of a business.

FAST500 appraised that leading enterprises were “rising stars” which made the driving force for the economic growth and contributed to a vibrant healthy competitive environment.

In 2020, Newtecons, backed by its own well-established reputation, connected with domestic customers and partners and expanded the cooperation network with foreign Owners, outperforming other construction companies in terms of business results. This is a testament to the restless efforts of Newtecons in the year, especially against the backdrop of Covid-19 epidemic.