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At NEWTECONS, we always believe HUMAN RESOURCE as the main key for sustainable development. Therefore, we strive to build working environment based on satisfaction of our EMPLOYEE to create differences of exclusive value.


Transparent – Fair: We understand that getting the dedication of all employees, the ensuring of Transparent – Fair including the assessment of the efficiency and personnel capacity, apply the policies to create equality among all members, is critical factor that we always have dedication to build, implement and improve continuously.

Cooperation – Integrity: Management levels listen and lead the staff; colleagues are always ready to share, support; employees always trust, open and learn to accomplish common goals together.

Youth – Passion: With the majority of the young workforce, who are always energetic, dare to think, dare to do and always burn out in work and other activities in order to achieve goals.

Profession: The professional is in modern equipments, good working condition, safe environment, working style of staff.

Remuneration, welfare policy:

  • We understand the value that employees bring to the company, so we often learn the labor market to have consistent and flexible remuneration policies.
  • Besides, we also put a strong focus on spiritual life and health of every member in the company by applying the welfare policies such as health check-up annually, health care insurance, annual holiday…
  • In addition, to help the staff about accommodation problems when working in remote locations, we have the allowance for business trip, supporting housing rent and meals allowance to ensure comfort and good health for all non-residential employees.

We are improving constantly policies to transform NEWTECONS to the second home of each employee.


Understanding – spreading the cultural values of the company is our responsibility, as well as the task of the entire staff, from the highest management levels to any position in the company.

Prestige: Each employee ensures building the trust from customers, partners and colleagues thereby building the company’s reputation.

Concentric – Common mind: The value of each individual within the company always considers and implements in daily work, in order to overcome the pressures and challenges and complete objectives, achieve company’s strategies.

Ingenuity: Since the establishment, it is one of the top objectives that we strive to fulfill and that makes a difference for NEWTECONS’s work on market.

Positive: Optimism, positive thinking, challenge and change for sustainable development. They are always encouraged for every members.

Compliance to systems and processes: In every task, every employee is assigned responsibility, cleared authority and always required to compliance with the procedures and scientific management system to achieve the highest effectivity.

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