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Development roadmap

Training opportunities
Integration training: Each new employee joining NEWTECONSis always welcome as a family member. Through the integration program, you will be conveyed about culture, policy, regime, get acquainted with departments and sites to integrate quickly and maximize the capacity in the organization.

Vocational training: For supervisors, engineers, we have a basic training course from basic to advanced with topics related to the construction industry, electrical engineering … to ensure that the technical team Masters at NEWTECONS are always ready for new missions and growing further and further.

Skills training: Soft skills are indispensable and extremely important in work and life. At NEWTECONSwe regularly organize training courses: Communication skills, teamwork skills, problem solving skills, presentation skills … for all staff levels.

Training and developing the successor team: This is the force that the Board of Management particularly pays attention to developing in quantity and quality to meet the development needs of the company.

Potential personnel will participate in the activities of Club 3F – A place to introduce managers who have full capacity and skills.

Talented breedingIn parallel with the development of the current staff, we also focus on the forces that are students in universities and colleges. Through the program: Apprentice engineer, visiting the construction site … has provided our talented future personnel with a correct view of career orientation, practical experience as an employee to grow faster, stronger.

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