design & build

Design and Build (D&B) is an advanced model that has been applied by many renowned contractors around the world. However, the D&B model is not easily executed, especially when applied to large-scale and complex projects. Therefore the investor’s biggest concern about a general contractor is their outstanding capacity in both design and construction. Besides being a member of Vietnam Green Building Council, Newtecons also has experience in designing and building for various projects meeting green standards (LEED - USA), LOTUS (Vietnam).


Time saving: Minimize potential changes and ensure proper operation in accordance with the investor’s requirements and current standards and regulations.
Capital optimization: Provide a range of work solutions with one single contact point to help optimize costs and increase project control efficiency.
Proaction in design and progress management: Minimize stages and pending time when dividing and coordinating small bidding packages that may affect the overall progress.
Quality assurance: Tighten the connection and responsibilities between designing and building while maximizing initiatives, ideas and solutions that produce positive outcomes.


With excellent knowledge, experience and capacity in the field of construction and a comprehensive management system, Newtecons is becoming a guarantee of credibility and quality for a variety of large-scale projects.

As the General contractor, Newtecons undertakes all tasks from foundation work, basement and main structure, to finishing touches and landscape infrastructure.

Newtecons owns a team of skilled engineers
Provide in-depth and comprehensive solutions
Satisfies the most challenging demands of the investor
The compact and sophisticated management model

General Contractor

With over two decades of experience, Newtecons have proven our capacity in M&E field. As a leading General contractor in Vietnam, we provide a turnkey solution for various projects including design, procurement, installation, and maintenance that meet global standards of completion.

Newtecons M&E in-house team consists of highly qualified, experienced engineers who are trusted and well regarded by customers and partners. Newtecons continually improve and deploy cutting-edge technology to deliver the greatest benefits to our Client.

We execute numerous types of projects from the North to the South, such as:
• Commercial projects: High-rise building, low-rise building, Hotel & Resort; Commercial Center; School & Hospital; Infrastructure.
• Industrial projects: Factory; Ready-built Warehouse.

Newtecons practice continual improvement in order to provide the greatest quality product and services to our Clients, including implementing M&E methods statements that meet the highest standards for quality and strictly adhere to safety requirements, such as:
– IEC standards in Electrical System installation;
– NFPA, UL/FM standard in Firefighting System installation;
– SMACNA standard in ductwork fabrication.

Field of operation:
1. Electrical & ELV systems: medium-voltage system, low-voltage system, transformer, generator, lighting system…
2. HVAC system: ventilation and air conditioning system, dehumidifier system, clean room…
3. Plumbing and drainage system
4. Fire protection system
5. Utility system: sewage treatment plant, RO system, swimming pool, LPG, compressed air system, boiler…

Newtecons affirm our leading position by focusing our efforts on continuous improvement and the deployment of innovative technologies, which include:
– Close coordination between the M&E and Civil Teams
– The application of BIM/Revit: We implement BIM for design and Revit 3D for construction. This application is performed in the preliminary stage to improve the design and material selections, mitigate risks, and increase accuracy.
– The application of virtual reality (VR) technology: Newtecons study and apply VR in many of our key projects. This enables our Clients to visualize the end product prior to its completion and enabling rapid response to any changes. We prioritize the research and implementation of new technologies in construction in order to enhance aesthetics and optimize schedule and cost.

Safety Culture

Newtecons never compromises with “Quality and occupational safety”, as safety is the first standard of quality, and only safe constructions result in quality.

Determining occupational safety and health as a prerequisite, Newtecons has established and constantly updated its professional management process. The entire team of engineers, construction supervisors and workers regularly attend training sessions to reinforce their knowledge and understanding as well as strengthen their absolute compliance.

Safety training

Prior to each project, the HSSE Department organizes a training session to raise the awareness and sense of safety compliance among employees. Before each construction category, the Site Management Board strictly follows the procedures, analyzes and assesses potential risks, thereby taking preventive measures and building emergency plans. Periodically, we organize a “Training class on first aid techniques and disaster prevention” delivered by the Red Cross of Ho Chi Minh City, in collaboration with the medical staff of the HSSE Board to perform health checks for every employee.

Safety practices in construction sites

For many years, Newtecons has implemented the occupational safety model at the construction site under the direct control of HSSE supervisors and construction supervisors. The Safety Engineers team always maintains the management system according to OHSAS 18001:2007 standards at the construction site, ensuring a safe working environment for employees.

Human resources

Newtecons is currently one of the enterprises with the best working environment and welfare program in the construction industry. The enterprise was also voted by HR Asia Award as one of the best working environments in Asia for many consecutive years.

Each officer, each employee always considers that mutual success of Newtecons is the career and legacy of a lifetime, thereby developing their attachment and eagerness to learn while demonstrating their capabilities.

Equipment capacity

Apart from being fully equipped with tower crane, hoist, aluminium formwork, scaffolding, ringlock and cover, in order to ensure safety, progress – productivity and savings during construction, Newtecons is constantly improving and investing in advanced equipment, including inner-climbing tower crane, large cage hoist, sliding formwork…

Large-scale warehouse system in Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City remains a competitive advantage for Newtecons to aptly supply to construction sites throughout the country.

Management system

Newtecons has been certified ISO 9001:2015 by the international organization QMS. Ever since, Newtecons has established and operated a management system, ensuring stable quality of products and services, enhancing general quality, meeting higher needs of clients, thereby increasing the competitive edge of the enterprise and partners.

All Newtecons projects follow the obligations of Vietnamese Law and meet clients’ requirements regarding Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) risks. Newtecons’ human resources and machinery always comply with the requirements of ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2015, as well as the HSSE Management System that Newtecons has established and committed to perform.