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At NEWTECONS, we always believe that HUMAN is the key to sustainable development. We always strive to build a working environment that takes the satisfaction of EMPLOYEES as the focus to create truly different values:

Work environment

Transparency – Fair: We understand that in order to gain the full dedication of all employees, ensuring transparency – fairness from assessing the effectiveness and capacity of personnel, applying organizational policies To ensure every member of the company is equal, it is a prerequisite that we are always committed to building, implementing and constantly improving.
Cooperation – Sincerity: Management always listens and leads employees; colleagues are always willing to share and support; Employees are always confident, open and learn to work together to achieve common goals.
Young – Enthusiastic: With the majority of young human resources, this place is always full of energy, dare to think – dare to do and always burn all the work and other activities to achieve the organization’s goals.
Profession: From modern equipment, spacious working place, safe and clean environment to the working style of staff.
Remuneration and welfare policies:
– We understand the value that employees bring to the company, so we regularly understand the labor market to have appropriate and flexible remuneration policies.
– In parallel, we also pay special attention to the spiritual life as well as the health of all members of the company by applying welfare policies such as: annual health examinations, health care insurance comprehensive health, travel …
– In addition, in order for employees not to worry about accommodation and travel when working far away, we have allowances to go far away, to allow, to rent houses and to serve adequate meals to ensure ensuring comfort and good health for all employees to work far away and feel secure. We are constantly improving and adding policies that are better and better, with the desire for the environment NEWTECONS is the second home of every employee.

Understanding – spreading the cultural value of the company is the responsibility, as well as the duties of all employees, from the highest level of leadership to all positions in the company.
Reputation: Each employee always ensures to build trust from customers, partners and colleagues to build a prestigious brand of the company.
Concentric – General direction: It is the value that every individual in the company always commemorates and performs in his daily work, thereby working with his team to overcome the pressure and challenges to achieve the company’s goals and development strategies.
Sophisticated – Neat: Since its inception this is one of the top criteria that the company we always strive to accomplish well and that makes a difference in the works of NEWTECONS on the market.
Positive: The spirit of optimism, positive thinking, accepting challenges and changing for sustainable development is always encouraged at every member of the organization.

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