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With knowledge and experience in construction field and comprehensive quality management system, NEWTECONS has gradually affirmed its position in the construction field through the construction of many large-scale projects. . As the main contractor, we construct from the foundation, the body structure to the finishing and landscape of the project.
NEWTECONS always strictly adheres to labor safety during the construction process, provides reasonable technical solutions, based on the design, has consulted the investors about the best construction methods and materials.
NEWTECONS owns a team of skilled and skilled engineers; team of experienced professionals, practical knowledge and spirit of conquering challenges. Along with strong financial potential, modern machinery and equipment, continuously invested and improved, we are completely confident to meet all the most stringent technical requirements from the Investor in the projects. projects are large and complex. With the compact and sophisticated management model, we are very flexible in meeting the requirements of the project for the purpose of optimizing efficiency, bringing the best benefits to the Owner. Once the project has been received, with our experience, we try our best and take responsibility to come with the Owner until the project is completed.

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