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Newtecons has a great potential for human resources and equipment system: more than 350 professional engineers, more than 5500 skilled workers and a great amount of modern, standard equipment to supply through construction process. In order to provide the highest support for the construction process, Newtecons annually upgrade modern equipment and synchronous equipment warehouse with total investment of nearly 200 million VND.


Newtecons has invested in construction and expansion equipment warehouses in Binh Duong and Long An with an area of over 13.000m2. Playing a major role in preserving and improving the equipment effectiveness, Newtecons Equipment Department always arranges professional engineers to monitor periodically at each point. Newtecons’ equipment warehouses always ensure the supply of equipment and the fastest transport to “hot” projects.


To support for the lifting equipment at projects, Newtecons currently owns Potain tower cranes made from France with an average lifting capacity of 8 tons to 10 tons. Besides, we have used the modern Alimak Hoist imported from Sweden with a lifting capacity up to 2 tons/cage for transport of people and equipment to storeys under construction. In addition, Newtecons’ projects use other equipment items such as: loading hoist, working platform, etc… in suitable construction process.


One of the works making aesthetic project under construction can’t help mention to equipment for covering. This is also one of the “specialty” of Newtecons as well as companies of Coteccons Group ecosystem.  This system originates from Vietnam and Korea, ensures quality and is capable of minimizing problems in construction work.

In 2019, Newtecons’ goal is gaining 15 million safety hours. In order to achieve it, we have to comply with strict regulations in deployment and use of covering equipment in projects. Owning over 100.000m2 of scaffolding for covering purposes, Newtecons’ project always ensure safety, minimize risk in work and contribute to the aesthetic at the construction site.


Along with covering system, Newtecons have currently implemented Ringlock floor-scaffolding system with total quantity of over 12.000m2 ensuring high quality and regularly maintained. Currently, at large projects, due to aesthetic and high safety, we always prioritize to use this scaffolding in construction. In term of structure, connections are made between rings in vertical members and ledger ends and wedges in horizontal members to create a very strong connection, high safety. The scaffoldings are mainly made from galvanized steel. This technology is also popular in European countries such as Germany, France, Italy, …


Accelerating progress, safety, reducing cost, installing easily, improving construction quality – In order to gaining these goals, Newtecons has implemented an    effective alternative to traditional plank formwork system, is Aluminum formwork.  With its strengths of being able to construct the whole block (columns-walls, beams, floors), simple support system, and airy construction surface, the aluminum formwork system brings effectively aesthetic for concrete surface. In addition, with implement of system, Newtecons is able to shorten the construction time in projects to ensure progress required by investors.


In order to construct high-rise buildings such as Landmark 81, Vinhomes Ocean Park, Vinhomes Smart City, Newtecons have also used Gangform system provided by Kumkang Corporation in Korea and BM Windows Company in Vietnam. This formwork system is used for external surface, combined large-size Steel Form panels with covering scaffoldings, integrating into monolithic arrays. The gangform system is combined with concrete structure by Anchor lock forming system, can slide up to the height of building.

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