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Safe health – happy to go home
Identifying people as the most valuable asset as well as the key to success, we carry the responsibility to maintain peace of mind, a safe working environment for all employees based on the governance system. Safety – Health – Occupation of international standards OHSAS 18001 – 2007. With the motto “Safety is the responsibility of everyone and everyone participates in the implementation of safety work”, NEWTECONS built safety management processes, identified risks for engineers, supervisors who directly perform construction and all workers at the construction site, to communicate and equip workers to understand, understand and comply with labor safety regulations to create a safe environment. Every day, coming to our Site, you will easily see the passion and enthusiasm of people in work and joy and happiness when returning to your family.

The success of the project is safety – quality – progress
With an independent safety monitoring organization structure, professional and knowledgeable safety system, always ensuring accurate and objective information, we constantly improve and improve the Management System Safe. Before each project, along with the construction measures is a careful preparation for safety measures based on international standards to meet the expectations of the Investor. Safety Committee organizes training for workers to raise employees’ awareness about safety work. Before each construction item, the Site Steering Committee must strictly abide by the procedures, perform analysis and assess the potential risks, set out effective prevention measures and communicate to each fish. Work on the construction site.

In addition to the above activities, the Safety Department also regularly organizes first aid drills, fire prevention and fighting to prevent fire risks and timely response when unexpected situations occur. At the same time, regular health checks for employees are regularly conducted.

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