On March 19, 2019, Vietnam Report Joint Stock Company (Vietnam Report) officially announced the Top 10 reputable companies in Construction – Building Materials sector in 2019.

This is an independent research result of Vietnam Report, based on scientific and objective principles. The prestige of companies is assessed based on research on the impact of financial factors, business image on media and evaluation of industry experts, specifically including:

(1) Financial capacity shown in the most recent financial statements (total assets, total revenue, profit, capital use efficiency …);

(2) Media prestige is evaluated by Media Coding method – encoding company articles on influential media channels;

(3) Survey of industry experts; Survey of customers about the level of satisfaction with the products / services of the construction units, installation of electromechanical systems, the supply of construction materials … Besides, the enterprise surveys about Business situation, operating market, quantity and quality of projects … in the period of 2018 – 2019 are also used as additional factors to determine the position of enterprises in the industry.

List 1: Top 10 Most Reputable Building Contractors in 2019